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    You shouldn't let anything hold you back from earning your high school diploma. At Academy West, we will give you a new outlook on life and help you graduate on time with your class.

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  • While we help you get your GED or high school diploma...

    Academy West has you covered. We provide:
    ● Free Transporation
    ● Free Breakfast and Lunch
    ● Area Daycare Programs
    ● Free Bus Passes
    ● Study Assistance and Tutoring
    ●Online Classes

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    Don't let another day pass by without going after the education you deserve. We will assist you in your efforts for earning your GED!

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    YOU are our first priority! Our teachers go the extra mile to help you learn the best way possible.

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    Looking to fit in? Want to get a head start on your future? Need to catch up on credits to graduate with your class? Academy West is here to help you. ENROLLING DAILY, stop by or call (810) 591-0123. Its time to graduate!

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Checklist for Easy Enrolling:
● Transcripts
● Shot Record
● Valid ID
Welcome to our new program!

Earn Your GED or High School Diploma

Our courses can help you acquire your education certificate by guiding you through the five required subject areas: writing, social studies, science, reading, and math.

Academy West in Flint, MI | Alternative Education

Academy West is a new alternative high school in Flint, MI. Our alternative education program is set up for grades 9-12. If you are behind in school, for whatever reason, Academy West will provide classes you need for credit recovery so you can catch up to other students in your class.

Even if you had trouble at your old school, don’t worry about applying with us! We are dedicated to each and every one of our students and offer one-on -one tutoring to help you succeed. It doesn’t matter to us what you have been through whether you were expelled from your old school or just dropped out; come to Academy West to get the GED or high school diploma you deserve!

We are dedicated to helping you get your GED or high school diploma so you can get back on the the right track. Academy West offers online classes as well as traditional classes and GED test prep.

Make your choice… Register today and join our new program. We look forward to meeting you!

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